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Some Insight 

Salt Lick is an Eco friendly brand that is striving to make a difference in the world. We believe there is a much more sustainable way to produce products without compromising performance or style.  

What's to come


 We are currently developing high performance surfboards made from a much greener bio resin and will be utilizing mother natures natural materials (Hemp) in our laminating process. 

The Mastermind


 I'm sure you are all wondering who will be creating these magical sticks for you to carve up your favourite breaks on. Well a surfing legend who needs very little introduction, a man that was sent out on The Search to find the perfect wave, no other than the guru himself Frankie Oberholzer. 

What We Strive For!

Mission: At Salt Lick we aim to provide our customers with the best possible products which are sustainable, eco friendly and the highest quality. Through extensive research we bring a brand that has a positive environmental impact as well as being fashion forward with a unique culture. We hope to influence the South African market and leave an impression on local communities to create awareness.

Vision: Our vision for Salt Lick is to become an internationally recognized brand known for it's eco-friendly and sustainable nature. We would like to be able to change mindsets of people to be more focused on a responsible sense of consumerism as well as making sustainable decisions. Our products will hopefully create a realization of importance when buying particular products in the hope to make a change to our planets environmental state.


Why We're Doing This!

We only have one planet, one ocean and one life. We need to stand together and start a revolution against plastic pollution. Click below to see what us humans have done to our planet in the short time we've been here. It's our time now to make the change and become the change!

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